Relative Pitch Records RPR1016 Empiricism in the west

Vinny Golia/Urs Leimgruber

Vinny Golia, bass flute, soprillo, sopranino and bass saxophones, Bb and contra-alto clarinets; Urs Leimgruber, soprano and tenor saxophones.

  1. The red rose (07.27)
  2. Obscure dimension (07.37)
  3. The analytic and the synthetic (06.16)
  4. Self-referential incoherence (07.40)
  5. The scientific method (09.08)
  6. Matter is the permanent possibility of sensation (03.42)
  7. The problem of induction (03.40)
  8. Free from the ambiguities of natural language (06.00)
  9. Logical truths are linguistic tautologies (08.16)
  10. Observations of the natural world (01.58)
Recorded at TV Tray Studios, Simi Valley, CA, nd.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Yuko Tonchira; art design and layout by Michael Sprigle.

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