Scissors 002 M'uoaz

Michel Doneda/Tetsu Saïtoh/Alain Joule

Michel Doneda, soprano and sopranino saxophones; Tetsu Saïtoh bass; Alain Joule, percussion; Antonella Talamonti, voice on track 2.

  1. R'Pi [Saïtoh/Doneda] (10.24)
  2. Litzi [Joule/Saïtoh/Doneda/Talamonti] (13.03)
  3. T'Zane [Joule/Saïtoh/Doneda] (27.21)
  4. Pentch [Joule/Saïtoh] (11.00)
Recorded 20-21 November 1995 at Talvera Studios, Cordes-sur-Ciel, France.

Cover design painting (reproduced above) by Hyokichi Ohnari; graphics: Les Requins Marteaux.

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