Scissors 003 Spring Road 01

Michel Doneda/Tetsu Saïtoh

Michel Doneda, soprano and sopranino saxophones; Tetsu Saïtoh bass, harmonium, Korean gong; plus others as indicated below.

  1. Saturday June 2nd, "Lettres de Rodez", letters from Antonin Artaud lead us through the town of Rodez, with the Théatre l'Acte - Rodez Cathedral featuring Michel Mathieu, Chantal Riotte and Nadia Mouëza (09.07)
  2. Wednesday June 6th, small library in the suburbs of Blois with the children of the projects (02.15)
  3. Sunday June 3rd, Nightfall on the Île de Lavoule featuring the Théatre l'Acte (03.17)
  4. Thursday June 7th concert at the festival "les Improbables" - Horlieu - Lyon (17.35)
  5. Tuesday May 28th, an afternoon in the Alps near Gérald's house, featuring Gérald Zbinden on guitar and Shunichiro Hisada on kotsuzumi and voice (05.25)
  6. Saturday June 2nd, concert at the Chapelle Royale - Rodez dedicated to Marie-Thérèse (20.51)
Recorded as indicated above on the Spring Road tour 10 May - 8 June 2001.

Post card collage (front cover reproduced above) by Michel Doneda.

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