See for Miles SEECD 414 Ear of beholder

Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill, tenor and soprano saxophone, effects, with others as listed:

  1. Introduction (00.35)
  2. Hungerford (07.12)
    soprano saxophone; Charing Cross railway bridge, 17 July 1970
  3. Deviation dance (03.24)
    tenor saxophone with Gibson Maestro; Hyde Park free concert, 18 July 1970
  4. Two little pigeons (03.21)
    duo with David Bedford, piano
  5. Don Alfonso (03.14)
    duo with David Bedford, piano
  6. Open Piccadilly (04.55)
    soprano saxophone; Piccadilly, 17 July 1970
  7. Feedback (01.11)
    soprano saxophone with Gibson Maestro, near Rotterdam, 1970
  8. Insensatez (08.16)
    tenor saxophone, duo with Ted Speight, guitar
  9. A conversation with children/Jamaican rumba (01.38)
  10. Piccadilly with goofs (01.20)
    a short dance sequance for soprano saxophone, humans, traffic and faulty recording technique, Piccadilly 17 July 1970
  11. Rasa-moods (20.09)
    with Jasper Van't Hof, piano; Pierre Courbois, drums and percussion; Burton Greene, piano, recorded at Jongeren-Sentrum Rasa in Utrecht
  12. A collective improvisation (02.42)
    recorded in two sections and spliced: a) gibbons; b) Mike Oldfield; 'Kirwin Dear'; 'Robert of Dulwich'; David Bedford; + LC
  13. I am the walrus (03.52)
    'maraccas and a little tasteless flute' plus schoolchildren
  14. The rhythmic hooter (02.28)
    soprano saxophone solo with rhythmic backing
  15. Lover man (04.51)
    tenor saxophone
  16. Zoological fun (01.03)
    giant tortoises and voyeurs, 17 July 1970
  17. Little triple one shot (02.10)
    tenor saxophone recorded in three layers: straight; with echo; with fuzz
  18. That's why... darkies were born? (03.32)
    duo with David Bedford, piano
  19. A series of superbly played mellotron codas (00.26)
Recorded July 1970- January 1971.

First released on Dandelion Records LP, 1971; then on Ampex in the US; this See for Miles Records CD released 1994. CD release does not include 'Vorblifa - exit' available on LP release.

Original sleeve design (front cover reproduced above) by Karel Oldrich.

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