SLAMCD 210 Entomic

Invisible String Quartet/Dave Draper

Dave Draper, guitar, prepared guitar, electronics, digital delay/samplers.

Insect flak (05.19), Traffic jam (08.27), Marsh ague (16.31), Reincarnation (09.13), 21cm band (06.06), Bee-line (06.37), Ephemera (06.28), Lagos holiday (07.49).

All sounds are created in real time during the course of each track; there is no sequencing, storage or pre-programming of samples in any way and no overdubs have been added. Recorded directly to DAT 21 to 25 October 1994 at The Pantry, London.

Cover design (reproduced above) by Doffy Weir; artwork by Steve Martin.

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