SLAMCD 243 Meltdown


Ewen Baird, tenor saxophone; Alison Bentley, voice; Andrew Claxton, tuba; Graham Collier, composer/director; Jez Cooke, guitar; Richard Leigh Harris, piano, composer, director; Steve Harris, drums; George Haslam, baritone saxophone, composer, director; Geoff Hawkins, tenor saxophone; Tim Hill, alto saxophone; Robin Jones, congas; Steve Kershaw, bass; Pablo Ledesma, alto saxophone; Julia Middleton, soprano saxophone; Matthew F. Morris, baritone saxophone; Lloyd Payne, trumpet; Adam Riley, drums; Jerry Soffe, bass; Tim Turan, percussion; Steve Waterman, trumpet, composer, director.

  1. Variations - from bop to blues [Haslam] (16.39)
  2. Our days were a joy and our paths through flowers [Leigh Harris] (13.20)
  3. Concerto for congas [Waterman] (19.56)
  4. Eggshell summer [Collier] (13.11)
  5. Automateric [Haslam] (04.12)
Track 3 recorded at The Warehouse Studios, Oxford on 16 June 2000; other tracks recorded at Shank Studios, Oxford: track 1 on 11 March 2001; track 2 on 12 April 2000; track 4 on 7 January 2001; track 4 on 11 March 2001.

Cover painting (reproduced above), Fernando Molinari.

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