SLAMCD 245 The Francis documents I & II

Poco Clarinet Trio

Simon Spencer, b-flat clarinet; Mindy Lee, alto clarinet; Chris Cundy, bass clarinet, soprano saxophone.

  1. Three zeroes: docmt.II no. I (09.16)
  2. Petrified coin: docmt.II no. II (11.47)
  3. Settled spin: docmt.I no. IV (09.47)
  4. Signal dead: docmt.I no. V (08.24)
  5. Deep rejections: docmt.I no. III (07.03)
  6. Pitch wipe: docmt.II no. IV (09.15)
Recorded at Francis Close Hall Chapel, Cheltenham in October and December 1999.

Front cover photograph (reproduced above) by Cherry Mullen.

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