SLAMCD 247 Bear bones


Gendos Chamzyryn, vocals, percussion, amplified doshpulur, piano; Ken Hyder, drums, voice, amplified ektara, sampling, electronics; Tim Hodgkinson, lap steel guitar, klarnet, electronics, alto saxophone.
  1. Them were shocked atall (05.53)
  2. With the help of the usual instruments (06.39)
  3. Nine-eyed horse-alcohol (09.34)
  4. Stoat with plaid (05.17)
  5. Delayed drop (05.40)
  6. Bone-flames (06.55)
  7. With mother dancing (06.28)
  8. Historia K-Space (06.52)
Recorded in Siberian and European cities, 1996–2001.

Sleeve concept (front cover reproduced above) concept by K-Space.

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