SLAMCD 258 Above our heads the sky splits open

Steve Harris ZAUM

Steve Harris, drums; Cathy Stevens, six string violectra, viola; Geoff Hearn, tenor and soprano saxophones; Karen Wimhurst, clarinet, bass clarinet; Udo Dzierzanowski, guitar; Matthew Olczak, guitar; Adrian Newton, live and found samples; Chrome Strings [Chas Dickie, cello; Stan Adler, cello; Rose Perry, cello; Aidan Fisher, viola].

  1. Called to rise (09.25)
  2. The cherry dance (03.00)
  3. Trans (05.08)
  4. Straw foot (05.47)
  5. Natchez (01.16)
  6. [Is that] all you can see (05.31)
  7. Trouble at house-for-one (03.44)
  8. Secular drift (03.08)
  9. White pass ink black moon (19.38)
Recorded at the Study Gallery, Poole on 5/6 March 2004.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Matthew Olczak.

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