SLAMCD 308 Solos East West

George Haslam/Lol Coxhill

    George Haslam, baritone saxophone, tarogato.

  1. Krivoy Rog; It don't mean a thing; Pepper vodka; I got it bad (13.43)
  2. Somewhere (02.51)
  3. Spacebo; Softly as in a morning sunrise (09.29)
  4. Lulu's back in town; Tea for two (09.39)
    Tracks 1 to 4 recorded live at Krivoy Rog, The Ukraine on 21 May 1995.

    Lol Coxhill, Borgani curved soprano sax.

  5. Incognitose (21.42)
    Private live recording at the Tom Allan Centre, East Stratford, London 1990, at a reading by Jeff Nuttall from his book, 'The bald soprano'.
Track 5 first released on a Wire magazine cassette, 1990.

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