SLAMCD 314 Parker/Haslam/Edwards

Evan Parker/George Haslam/John Edwards

Evan Parker, soprano saxophone; George Haslam, baritone saxophone, tarogato; John Edwards, double bass.

  1. Solo for baritone saxophone [GH] (09.41)
  2. Solo for tarogato [GH] (05.18)
  3. Solo for soprano saxophone [EP] (15.01)
  4. Solo for double bass [JE] (10.33)
  5. Duet for saxophone and bass [EP/JE] (18.18)
  6. Trio for two saxophones and bass [GH/EP/JE] (14.10)
Recorded at the Holywell Music Room, Oxford on 3 September 2000.

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