SLAMCD 401 The saxophone phenomenon

Various artists

Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone: The wayward balladeer (07.55); recorded Jackson's Lane Community Centre, London on 11 November 1991.

George Haslam, baritone saxophone; Liz Hodgson, voice: Gossip (07.25); recorded at The Holywell Music Room, Oxford on 31 January 1992.

Elton Dean, alto saxophone; Paul Rogers, bass; Mark Sanders, drums: Dayday (08.05); recorded at The Red Rose Club, London on 1 December 1991.

Paul Dunmall, C melody sax and Akai S1000 sampler; Peter Brandt, bass: New worlds (08.46); recorded at Ashcombe House Bath, 13 and 14 July 1990.

Paul Dunmall, baritone saxophone; Peter Brandt, bass and Akai S1000 sampler: Landscape gardening (05.06); recorded at Ashcombe House Bath, 13 and 14 July 1990.

Full Monte [Chris Biscoe, alto clarinet; Brian Godding, guitar synthesizer; Marcio Mattos, bass; Tony Marsh, drums]: Life after room service (12.00); recorded at Porcupine Studios, London on 3 November 1990.

Evan Parker, soprano saxophone: Sonf [for Mr Patak] (06.47); recorded at Evan's Kitchen, 6 February 1992 by Sam Parker.

George Haslam, baritone saxophone; Daneil Harari, soprano saxophone; Ruben Ferrero, keyboard; Mono Hurtado, bass; Horacio Straijer, percussion: Hasta pronto (10.15); recorded at Oliverio, Buenos Aires, 20 December 1991.

Alan Wilkinson, baritone saxophone; Simon H Fell, bass; Paul Hession, drums: Odeon's dropout piece (11.30); recorded at The Room, Armley, Leeds 7 September 1990.

Cover design by Skip Conway; artwork (reproduced above) by Quince, Oxford.

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