Splasc(H) CD H 169.2 Portrait in six colours

Roberto Ottaviano Six Mobiles

Roberto Ottaviano, soprano and alto saxophone; Mario Arcari, oboe; Sandro Cerino, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute; Luca Bonvini, trombone, slide trumpet; Martin Mayes, French horn; Fiorenzo Gualandris, tuba.

  1. Myself when I'm real (08.03)
  2. Fables of Faubus (06.16)
  3. Nostalgia in Time Square (04.30)
  4. Self portait in 3 colors (02.45)
  5. Duke Ellington Sound of love [RO solo] (05.16)
  6. Boogie stop shuffle (05.19)
  7. I x love (05.19)
  8. Prayer for passive resistance (05.06)
  9. Sweet sucker dance (06.44)
  10. Better git it in your soul [RO solo] (05.55)
Recorded at Barigozzi Studio, Milano on 17/18 June and 14 July 1988 except tracks 5 and 10 (bonus tracks on the CD re-issue), recorded in November 1995.

Cover (reproduced above) by Peppo Spagnoli.

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