Splasc(H) CD H 509.2 ?Ecstatic

Gruppo Romano Free Jazz/Schiano Trio

Gruppo Romano Free Jazz 1966/67 (tracks 1-4) [Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, baritone, flugelhorn, ocarina; Mario Schiano, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Marcello Melis, bass, toy guitar; Franco Pecori, drums]; Schiano Trio 1969/70 (tracks 5-9) [Mario Schiano, alto saxophone; Bruno Tommaso, double bass, piano; Franco Pecori, drums].

  1. Tendenziale part one (10.03)
  2. Tendenziale part two (07.34)
  3. Tendenziale part three (08.51)
  4. Tendenziale part four (00.39)
  5. If not ecstatic we refund (18.54)
  6. Uè chi vò vevere (02.31)
  7. Collage (11.49)
  8. Moonlight in Vermont (02.25)
  9. Rita/Gli 70 (03.11)
Tracks 1-4 were recorded at Saxa Rubra, Rome on 20 June 1967 and originally issued on LP on Vedette VPA 8342 in 1977; tracks 5-9 were recorded at the Sound Workshop, Rome on 25 April 1970 and originally released on LP on CEDI GLP 81027, If not ecstatic we refund.

Cover (reproduced above) by Franco Pecori.

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