Splasc(H) CD H 510.2 De Dé

Mario Schiano/Domenico Guaccero/Bruno Tommaso/Alessandro Sbordoni

Mario Schiano, alto saxophone, keyboards, snare drum, cymbals, maracas; Domenico Guaccero, vibes, timpani, cymbals, bottles, glass tube, glass chimes, box chimes, maracas, paper p. africa thumb piano, vocals, synth, flute; Alessandro Sbordoni, prepared piano, cymbals, flute, bottle chimes, copper sheet, African thumb piano, vocals, synth, vibes, timpani; Brumo Tommaso, double bass, bass rebeca, cymbals, triangle, paper chimes, pitch can, organ, maracas.

  1. De Dé (20.43)
  2. Lissio (02.55)
  3. Quattroetrentacinque (04.33)
  4. Sequentia (03.55)
  5. Quell'estate senza te (05.14)
  6. Come silenzi (03.00)
  7. De Dé 2 a) (02.14)
  8. De Dé 2 b) (01.50)
  9. De Dé 2 c) (04.24)
  10. De Dé 2 d) (01.53)
  11. De Dé 2 e) (01.04)
Track 1-6 were recorded at the 'Junior' Rec. Studios, Rome on 1 February 1977 and were previously released on the LP De Dé on Folkstudio FK5008; tracks 7-11 were recorded live at the Festival dell'Unità, Modena on 10 September 1977, and are previously unreleased.

Cover (reproduced above) photograph by Paolo Massari; graphic art by Luigi Naro.

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