Splasc(H) CD H 651.2 Fluxus: instant soundtrack for a silent movie

Mario Schiano/Alquimia/Peter Cusack

Mario Schiano, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone; Alquimia, vocals, live electronics; Peter Cusack, guitar, bouzouki, samplers; Pasquale Innarella, tenor saxophone (track 2).

  1. Flux us (33.42)
  2. Flux us (coda) (09.22)
Recorded live at Teatro Colosseo, Rome on 28 September 1997 during the Controindicazioni 11 Festival. Track 1 is the instant soundtrack of the abridged version of the film Fluxus anthology by the Fluxus Group, New York, 1966.

Cover (reproduced above) Italian Fluxus, oil on canvas, 70x100cm, by Peppo Spagnoli; graphic design by Luigi Naro.

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