Splasc(H) CD H 661.2 Pirotecnie sonore: concerto grosso for winds, popular orchestra and improvisers

Pasquale Innarella

Evan Parker, tenor and soprano saxophones; Michel Godard, tuba, sea conch; Guido Mazzon, trumpet; Pasquale Innarella, French horn; Renato Geremaia, violin, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone; Elio Martusciello, concrete and electronic sounds; Mauo Orselli, selected drums and Ufip cymbals; with Orsara, Panni, Lacedonia and Montaguto instrumental groups.

  1. Pirotecnie sonore III (18.27)
  2. Pirotecnie sonore I (18.17)
  3. Pirotecnie sonore II (17.46)
  4. Pirotecnie sonore IV (15.58)
Recorded live at the Orsara Music Festival on 3 August 1997.

Cover (reproduced above) by Peppo Spagnoli; graphic by Luigi Naro.

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