splitrec 17 The Splinter Orchestra

The Splinter Orchestra

Chris Abrahams, piano, hammond; Robbie Avenaim, percussion; Shannon O'Neill, synth; Milica Stfanovic, electric bass; Peter Farrar, alto saxophone; Abel Cross, electric bass; Alex Masso, percussion; Mike Majkowski, double bass; Gerard Crewdson, trombone; Dale Gorfinkel, vibraphone; Ben Byrne, laptop; Finn Ryan, percussion; Jim Denley, flutes, flax; Dan Whiting, laptop; Ian Pieterse, baritone saxophone; Karen Booth, alto saxophone; Monika Brooks, accordion; Rory Brown, double bass; Darren Moore, percussion; Clayton Thomas, double bass; Clare Cooper, guzheng; Cass McGlynn, tenor horn; Paul Taylor, percussion; Mathew Ottignon, clarinet, flute; Lloyd Honneybrook, alto saxophone.

  1. First play (05.03)
  2. First tutti (11.32)
  3. Second play (10.16)
  4. Third play (11.37)
  5. Second tutti (05.22)
Recorded at Studio 301 Sydney, December 2006.

Art work (front cover reprodued above) by Mij Yelncd.

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