Spool SPL 114/LINE 14 Itadakimasu: improvised duets 1994-2000

Brett Larner

Brett Larner, 13-string koto, 17-string bass koto, 21-string gu zheng, in duo with:
  1. Jim O'Rourke, hurdy gurdy (08.30); recorded 21 November 1996 at Lounge Ax, Chicago
  2. Ted Reichman, accordion (05.17); recorded 9 December 1994 at the Daltry Room, Weslyan University
  3. Samm Bennett, electronics (07.12); recorded 3 March 2000 at Deluxe, Tokyo
  4. John Shiurba, acoustic guitar (07.17); recorded 29 August 2000 at Guerilla Recording, Oakland
  5. Anthony Braxton, woodwinds (09.08); recorded 4 December 1996 at Crowell Concert Hall, Weslyan University
  6. G.E. Stinson, electric guitar (02.44); recorded 5 August 1997 at Wall of Masks Studio, Los Angeles
  7. Gianni Gebbia, alto saxophone (05.45); recorded at Barber Fuji, Ageo
  8. Taku Sugimoto, acoustic guitar (06.38); recorded 11 September 2000 at Kangeikan Gallery, Tokyo
  9. Loren Mazzacane Connors, electric guitar (14.07); recorded 12 April 1997 at MPR, Weslyan University
  10. Gino Robair (06.20); bowed duet on one 13-string koto recorded 29 August 2000 at Guerilla Recording, Oakland
Photography (front cover reproduced above) by Jess Larner and David Orenstein; layout by Amy Heggie.

LINE is Spool's improvisor's series.

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