Textile Records TCD1 High tones for the winter fashion

Alm´ Fury/Otani Yasuhiro/Otomo Yoshihide/Xavier Charles

Alm´ Fury [Claude Besnard, moog, sampler; Vonick Moccoli, moog, sampler]; Otani Yasuhiro, power Mac; Otomo Yoshihide, turntable, electronics; Xavier Charles, surface vibrantes, radio, electronics.

  1. Alm´ Fury: Densités (05.51)
  2. Alm´ Fury: Plus de lumières (03.37)
  3. Alm´ Fury/Otani Yasuhiro/Otomo Yoshihide: Live at Emoson (Bourges) 23 October 1999 (21.03)
  4. Xavier Charles: X for 0 No. 1 (04.02)
  5. Xavier Charles: X for 0 No. 2 (02.20)
  6. Xavier Charles/Otomo Yoshihide: X.0.0.X (04.14)
  7. Xavier Charles: Radio Brabant No. 7 (02.22)
  8. Xavier Charles: Radio Brabant No. 8 (02.26)
Sleeve art (front cover reproduced above) by Marie Caillou; design by Sylvie Astié.

Textile TCD1 was released in 2002 on CD only.

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