Umbrella 024 062099

Micro-East Collective

Aaron Oliva, double bass; Carrie Shull, oboe; Chris Eubank, cello; Corey Sims, trumpet, alto horn, accordion; David Jordan, clarinet, toy piano, pennywhistle, quarter-tone xylophone; David Morris, tuba; Greg Decker, baritone and tenor saxophone; Ian Davis, drumset, percussion; Jeff Brown, tenor and soprano saxophone; Jennifer Hancock, keys, vibes, percussion; John Heitzenrater, bassoon (1); Mark Simonsen, vibraphone, percussion, keys; Martha Bausch, flute, pennywhistle; Rick Lassiter, double bass; Rich Robeson, guitar, shakuhachi; Bill McConaghy, cornet; Todd Barbee, alto saxophone (2); Walker Martin, guitar.
  1. Lament (07.56)
  2. Exploring the metal sphere (35.11)

Recorded at the Carrboro ArtsCenter, NC on 20 June 1999.

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