Umbrella 025 Out of my face

Micro-East Collective

Aaron Oliva, double bass; Carrie Shull, oboe; Chris Eubank, cello; Corey Sims, trumpet, alto horn, accordion, ocarine; David Jordan, clarinet, swoona, slide whistle, soundspicious; David Morris, tuba; Ed Butler, percussion; Eric Furfine, flugelhorn; Greg Decker, baritone and tenor saxophone; Ian Davis, percussion; Jeff Brown, tenor and soprano saxophone; Jennifer Hancock, piano; Leo Ciesa, percussion; Mark Simonsen, vibraphone, percussion; Martha Bausch, flute, piano; Michael Lyttle, contrabass and bass clarinet; Nick Didkovsky, guitar; Rich Robeson, guitar, shakuhachi; Bill McConaghy, cornet, slide trumpet, trumpone; Bob Pence, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone; Walker Martin, guitar; Rob Henke, trumpet; Yves Duboin, soprano saxophone.
  1. Sound bites (02.36)
  2. Quartet 7899/Postulate (09.31)
  3. Acme allusions (02.20)
  4. Out of my face (02.24)
  5. Determinant (07.16)
  6. Factor 8 (03.38)
  7. Simulation (04.05)
  8. Bucket 13 v1 (03.01)
  9. Fabric v1 (06.25)
  10. 12 X 15 v1 (03.06)
  11. Buried textures (06.49)
  12. Black velvet II v1 (04.02)

Recorded at Tonic, NYC on 7 August 1999 and at Go! Studios, Carrboro NC on 14 November 1999.

Pencil drawings, layout and design (front cover reproduced above) by Bill Ellsworth.

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