Umbrella 027 Fabric

Micro-East Collective

Aaron Oliva, double bass, electric bass; Amy Wilkinson, clarinet; Carrie Shull, oboe; Chris Eubank, cello; Chris Stanley, lights; Christopher Thurston, double bass; Chuck Johnson, guitar, banjo; Corey Sims, trumpet, alto horn, accordion; Crowmeat Bob, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, trombone; D'Arcy Grae, bassoon; David Jordan, clarinet, slide whistle, suona; David Morris, tuba; Eric Furfine, flugelhorn; Frank Gratkowski, alto saxophone (track 15); Greg Decker, baritone and tenor saxophone; Ian Davis, percussion; Jason Bivins, guitar; Jeff Brown, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone; Kim Ashley, violin; Mac McCaughan, analog synthesizer; Mark Simonsen, vibraphone, xylophone, percussion; Martha Bausch, flute, pennywhistle; Nathan Logan, percussion; Patty Painter-Wakefield, french horn; Rich Robeson, guitar; Walker Martin, guitar, WIlliam McConaghy, trombone, trumpet, cornet, slide trumpet.
  1. Eppy (00.05)
  2. ...bu thou didst not leave (01.31)
  3. Fabric (04.29)
  4. Did you drop something? (02.05)
  5. Oxygen debt (03.24)
  6. Sunken (01.33)
  7. He was despised (00.50)
  8. Gather and cast (09.52)
  9. Surely he hath borne our grief (01.38)
  10. Interlope (02.13)
  11. Untoward (07.44)
  12. Adrenaline (01.58)
  13. Mumble-the-peg (02.13)
  14. Plain of jars (02.09)
  15. Magnetic hive transmissions (13.19)

Recorded in Chapel Hill, NC at three locations February to November 2000; track 15 recorded 29 November 2000 at the Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC.

Cover art and design (reproduced above) by Bill Ellsworth.
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