Vand'Oeuvre VDO 0224 Musiqueaction #03

Various musicians

  1. Carole Rieussec/Catherine Jauniaux: Portraits griffonnés (06.49)
  2. Isabelle Duthoit, clarinet, voice/Jacques Demierre, piano: Genmitya (06.32)
  3. Pascal Battus, sax/Jean-Luc Guionnet, çiftelia: Parmakll (07.09)
  4. Sophie Agnel, piano/Léo Pochat, accordion, voice: La chanson (07.14). Recorded in March 2002
  5. Jérome Noetinger, electroacoustics/Christophe Cardoen, electromechanics: Le risque du fixe (08.33). Recorded on 25 March 2002 at CFMI, Lyon
  6. Thierry Madiot: Dyspnée: pièce pour instruments électriques et trompes (05.37). Left channel recorded on 16 November 2001 at GRM; right channel recorded on 7 February 2002
  7. Lionel Marchetti/Olivier Capparos: Les fleurs tombent (09.20) Recorded at INA-GRM in 2002
  8. Emmanuel Petit, acoustic guitar, montage/Fabrice Charles, trombone, montage/Lionel Marchetti, montage: Bois de Sarolié - altitude 943 (09.18). Realised 17/18 January 2002
  9. Martine Altenburger, cello/Michel Doneda, soprano saxophone: 7 sur 5 (06.41)
"Produced in 2002 by Studio CCAM"; therefore assumed recorded there unless otherwise specified in the CD notes.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Tandem, Nancy.

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