Vand'Oeuvre 8501 Musique action internationale 85

Various musicians

Trio de Batterie [Brown/Chenier/Hayward]: Three legs for two birds (02.22).

Jacques Veille Quartet: Randonnée (08.20).

Keith Tippett: Solo improvisation (03.44).

Catalogue: La fille au pantalon noir (04.25).

David Thomas & The Pedestrians: Whale head king (07.20).

Hans Reichel/Keith Tippett: Duet improvisation (04.50).

La Marmite Infernale: Sardenia (07.10).

All recorded during the festival 'Musique Action Internationale 85' organised by Centre Culturel André Malraux at Vandoevre-lés-Nancy from 6 to 12 May 1985.

Sleeve (part reproduced above) by D. Koskowitz.

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