Vand'Oeuvre 9304 Musique's action: Vandoeuvre 1988/1992

Various musicians

Pierre-Stéphane Meugé: Sonate pour clarinette [John Cage] (04.25). Recorded 11 May 1991.

Elliott Sharp and CARBON [Zeena Parkins, electric harp; David Weinstein, keyboards; Joseph Trump, drums; Marc Sloan, bass guitar; Elliott Sharp, guitar, voice]: Gigabytes (03.30). Recorded 3 May 1992.

Daniel Koskowitz [Philippe Thomine, voice; Michel Deltruc, drums; Jean-Michel Collet, drum machine; Daniel Koskowitz, electronic percussion]: Le suicide (05.23). Recorded 11 May 1988.

Louis Sclavis, clarinets; François Raulin, piano: Kali la nuit (08.00). Recorded 1 May 1992.

Krackhouse [Mike Sappol, 6 string bass, Sesame Street Band, voice; Doug Henderson, guitar, toys; Murray Reams, cassettes, el-cheapo drum machine]: The nasty shit (01.55). Recorded 9 May 1992.

Dominique Regef, hurdy gurdy: Advielle que pourra (07.53). Recorded 13 May 1988.

Gestalt et Jive [Alfred 23 Harth, voice, saxophone; Peter Hollinger, drums; Ferdinand Richard, 6 string bass] : Space of God (05.00). Recorded in 15 May 1988.

l'A.M.I.S. Quartet [Joe McPhee, trombone, cornet, saxophone; André Jaume, saxophones and clarinet; Daunik Lazro, alto and baritone saxophones; Jérôme Bourdellon, flutes, bass clarinet] : For Frank Wright (05.14). Recorded in 6 May 1992.

David Moss, voice, drums; Peter Hollinger, drums; Jean Chaine, bass guitar; John King, electric guitar; Heiner Goebbels, keyboards; Yves Robert, trombone : Delilah (03.30). Recorded in 10 May 1992.

Floros Floridis, clarinet; Paul Lovens, percussion; Jean-Marc Montera, guitar : Broken shadow (06.50). Recorded in 6 May 1992.

David Garland, keyboards, voice; Cinnie Cole, banjo, keyboard, voice; Ikue Mori, percussion, electronics, voice : My pony's falling (04.15). Recorded in 6/7 May 1989.

Joe McPhee, trombone, cornet, saxophone; Daunik Lazro, alto and baritone saxophones: Encore (04.55). Recorded in 1 May 1992.

Bel Canto Orquestra: Resume (03.28). Recorded in 7 May 1992.

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