Vand'Oeuvre 9508 SIC: Situation Interprètes et Compositeurs


Eléna Andreyev, cello; Serge Daval, clarinet; Gilles Deliège, viola; Vincent Leterme, piano; Atanase Ourkouzounoff, guitar; Marine Perez, flute; André Pons Valdès, violin; Françoise Rivalland, percussion.

  1. Yoshihisa Taïra: Dioptase, 1973 (11.19)
  2. Philippe Leroux: Air, 1992 (10.31)
  3. Jörg Birkenkötter: Kaum einen Hauch, 1988 (16.14)
  4. Gyögy Kurtág: Huit duos, opus 4, 1960-1961 (06.20)
  5. Bruno Giner: Schèmes, 1992 (14.20)
Recorded in June 1994 at Studio CCAM, Vand'Oeuvre-les-Nancy and in December 1994 at L'ENM de Gennevilliers.

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