Vand'Oeuvre 9509 Musique's action vol. II

Various musicians

Jim O'Rourke: Antithese (08.15).

Daniel Koskowitz: Aerok (10.12). Recorded at Studio CCAM, 1995.

Jérôme Noetinger: Le fixe du risque (10.17). Recorded at Studio CCAM, 1994.

Lê Quan Ninh, percussion, computer: Not want to say anything about FZ (10.30). Recorded at Studio CCAM, 1995.

Frédéric Le Junter: Jerrican (07.50). Recorded at Studio CCAM, 1995.

Dominique Petitgand: 8 petites compositions familiales (11.28).

Massimo Simonini: Scivolevole (07.06) Recorded in Bologne in 1993; montage subsequently created in the Studio of Roberto Monari.

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