Deep Listening DL 32-2005 Deep time

Fritz Hauser

Pauline Oliveros, accordion, expanded instrument system; David Gamper, expanded instrument system electronics, miscellaneous small instruments; Urs Leimgruber, soprano and tenor saxophone; Fritz Hauser, percussion.

  1. Deep time (31.58)
  1. Deep time (31.56)
"Deep time is a tape composition commissioned in 1991 by the Pauline Oliveros Foundation for Deep Listening Band... On October 26, 1994, Pauline Oliveros, David Gamper, Urs Leimgruber and Fritz Hauser recorded 2 versions of Deep time in Gamper's basement studio on Abeel Street in Kingston, NY. These tapes were edited and mastered 4 years later - October 16-18 1998 - at Gamper's cuirrent studio in New York."

Cover photography (front cover reproduced above) by Beat Presser; layout by Vera Pechel.

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