ellipsis arts CD 3530 Gravikords, whirlies & pyrophones

Various musicians

A package comprising 96 page book and accompanying CD on the theme of 'Experimental musical instruments'.

Hans Reichel, daxophone: Excerpt from Le bal (04.29); probably recorded in Wuppertal, 1994. Previously released on CD: 5600 Wuppertal/Die CD zur Stadt.

Phil Dadson and From Scratch, end-struck tubes, tuned tongue bamboos, metal chimes, roto-toms, cymbals, gongs: Excerpt from Pacific 3-2-1-zero (04.00).

Qubais Reed Ghazala, incantors, erhu, R.A.P. (Readily Available Phonemes): Excerpt from Silence the tongues of prophecy (04.48).

Jean-Claude Chapuis, crystallophone and séaphin: Luminescence (02.54).

Don Buchla, two Buchla 400s: Excerpt from In the beginning: etude II (05.13).

Ward Hartenstein, clay marimba, bass marimba, agogo bell, shekere: Excerpt from Claycussion (03.42).

Harry Partch, harmonic canon, kithara, diamond marimba, boo, marimba eroica, surrogate kithara: Excerpt from And on the seventh day, petals fell in Petuluma (04.11).

Sugar Belly, bamboo saxophone: Shake up Adina (03.35).

Darrel De Vore, boo too, barimba, slit-end flute, bambow: Bamboo is (03.20).

Clara Rockmore, theremin, Nadia Reisenberg, piano: The swan (02.56).

Barry Hall and the Burnt Earth Ensemble, flowerpotphone: Terra zona (03.19).

Jacque Dudon, aquavina: Naïades (04.08).

Ken Butler, Stan Wood, John Butler, K-board, bicylce wheel guitar, vibraband, maniford guitar: Instru-matics (06.32).

Thomas Nunn, bugs: Entomological effervescence (05.03).

Sarah Hopkins, whirly instruments, electronics: Kindred spirits (04.35).

Robert Grawi, gravikord: Piccadilly (02.11).

Susan Rawcliffe, Scott Wilkinson, Brad Dutz, water flutes, howlers, hooded pipes, waterphone, rainstick, Udu drum, table: Aquaknots (05.19).

Wendy Mae Chambers, car horn organ: New York, New York (01.23).

Overall graphic design (CD cover reproduced above) by Joanna Jaeger.

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