Fire f-24 Songs from the sea of love

The Vacuum Boys

Guy Amitai, bass, keyboards; Gert-Jan Prins drums, backing vocals; Heimir Björgúlfsson, lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Dan Armstrong, lead guitar.
  1. Do the hoove move (02.49)
  2. Baby, where are you (03.23)
  3. All it took was a single spark (09.42)
  4. Radio lovegold (04.28)
  5. Whole lotta hoovin' (03.47)
  6. To all the trees (07.20)
  7. Daydream by the windmill, forever blue blue blue (02.11)
  8. Orange coloured sky (05.25)
  9. I feel love (04.58)
Recorded live on 9 and 15 February 2002 at Prins Studios, Amsterdam and WORM, Rotterdam.

Art direction and photography (front cover reproduced above) by Meeuw.

I'm pretty sure this is Gert-Jan solo, packaged in a pretty neat rock n' roll concept design.

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