Musica Jazz CD Felmay FF 1001 Associates

Steve Lacy

soprano saxophone duets with: Masahiko Togashi, percussion: Haze (11.33); recorded in Hiroshima, September 1983.

Steve Potts, alto and soprano saxophones: Free point (09.31); recorded in London on 7 December 1985.

Mal Waldron, piano: Epistrophy (07.56); recorded in Sicily, March 1994.

Irène Aebi, voice: Train going by (03.37); recorded in Vancouver on 31 December 1993.

Roswell Rudd, trombone: Pannonica (06.58).

Bobby Few, piano: The rent; recorded in Istambul on 9 March 1992.

Derek Bailey, guitar: Untitled (05.24); recorded at Rue Dunois Club, Paris on 1 February 1985.

George Lewis, trombone: The whammies (05.19); recorded at Rue Dunois Club, Paris on 30 December 1982.

Ulli Gumpert, piano: The crust (07.13); recorded Burghausen, 8 March 1985.

Muhammed Ali, drums: Clichés (10.53); recorded at Rue Dunois Club, Paris on 28 December 1982.

CD free with Musica Jazz (Italy), no 10, 1996 which included a special feature on Steve Lacy.

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