FOT PN5 Passed Normal 5: International collection of new and/or unreleased music

Various musicians

  1. David Thomas & the Pedestrians [David Thomas, vocals; Lindsay Cooper, winds; Tony Maimone, bass; Chris Cutler, drums]: Through the magnifying glass (03.05)
  2. Mother Gong [Harry Williamson, guitar, vocals, synthesizer, glissando guitar; Gilli Smyth, vocals; Rob Calvert, soprano saxophone; Tom the Poet, vocals]: Spiral dance (08.06)
  3. Catherine Jauniaux/Ikue Mori [Catherine Jauniaux, vocals; Ikue Mori, drum machines]: Shiver (03.46)
  4. Fred [Amy Denio, alto saxophone; Jeffrey Markham, drums; Jeffrey McGrath, bass; Gregg Powers, trombone; David Stern, alto saxophone]: Tons of buns (02.29)
  5. Ray Mason [Ray Mason, vocal, silvertone guitar; Matt Cullen, guitar; Jerry Ellis, bass; Keith Levreault, drums]: Power tools (00.58)
  6. Ivor Cutler: I'm busy (00.50)
  7. Daevid Allen & the Magick Brothers [Daevid Allen, vocal, electric guitars, glissando guitars; Mark Robson, didjeridu, keyboards; Graham Clark, violin]: Trial by headlines (09.02)
  8. Voodoo Mark/Pink Bob [Voodoo Mark, vocal; Pink Bob, MIDI instruments, sequencer]: Applied research and cash money (01.36)
  9. Mecca [Nick Galen, vocal; Kevin Taylor, guitar; Subs Anand, bass; T. Daniel Howard, drums; Robby Lorimer, trumpet; Nick Woolich, saxophone; Paul Holder, keyboards]: Saint Paul (04.09)
  10. Frank Pahl with Major Dents [Frank Pahl, mandolins, accordions, euphoniums, clarinet; Marko Novachcoff, octavin, saxophones; Tim Holmes, flute, saxophones]: The romantic side of schizophrenia (03.27)
  11. The Sediments [Tommy O'Donnell, guitars; Pink Bob, MIDI, micromoog]: Spelunker's theme (02.48)
  12. Henry Kaiser/Jim O'Rourke [Henry Kaiser, acoustic baritone guitar; Jim O'Rourke, acoustic guitar]: Monster investigator Juspion (05.23)
  13. Street Art [Harry Williamson, guitar, glissando guitar; Rob Calvert, soprano saxophone]: Wapu (06.45)
  14. Amy Denio, bass, voice, eggbeater handle guitar: Eggy shaggy (02.22)
  15. Hugh Hopper [Hugh Hopper, bass; Frank Van Der Kooy, saxophone; Patrice Meyer, guitar; Pieter Bast, drums; Dionys Breukers, keyboards]: Wanglo Saxon (04.24); recorded live at Saint Germain En Laye in October 1990.
  16. Jason Willett [Jason Willett, piano, bass, organ, accordion, guitar, marching drum; Petr Skopec, violin; John Dierker, bass clarinet]: Acrophobic birds (01.23)
  17. Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophone: Excerpt from Without assistance (03.30); from a live improvisation, 1992.
  18. Grrr [Bill Gilonis, voice, keyboards, guitar; Tito Pueblo, guitars, bass, voice]: Spit (00.16)
  19. Elton Dean [Elton Dean, alto saxophone; Trevor Watts, alto saxophone; Simon Picard, tenor saxophone; Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone; Paul Rogers, bass; Tony Levin, drums]: Small strides (04.33); recorded live on 12 May 1991.
  20. Tim Hodgkinson: Solo saxophone live treatments (02.26); an improvisation from the early '80s.
  21. Grrr [Bill Gilonis, voice, keyboards, guitar; Tito Pueblo, guitars, bass, voice]: Spit reprise (00.04)
Compilation released in 1992.

Puppets, sketches and photography by Shawn Harper; booklet design and layout by Steve Rubin; cover reproduced above.

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