Musical Corr≡la(c)tivity

Július Fujak

Július Fujak is the author of this 140pp CD-size, paperback book with accompanying CD. The full title is Musical Corr≡la(c)tivity: notes on unconventional music aesthetics, published in 2005 by the Institute of Literary and Artistic Communication, Faculty of Arts, University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra, Slovakia. ISBN 80-8050-870-4. For more information, contact

In the book, Fujak discusses approaches to 'intuitive music' (primarily improvised music), the idea of musical correla(c)tivity and semiosis, and methods of improving perception and changing responses to musical stimulii. Also included is a short essay, Chronological notes on Marián Varga, and a fascinating piece on Slovakian experimental music in a mixed media context, particularly through the work of Milan Adamciak, Peter Machajdík and Michal Murin.

The accompanying CD has the following tracks:

  1. Miya Masaoka, koto, live electronics, Sensorlab: Laser koto 1 (03.38)
  2. Miya Masaoka, koto, live electronics, Sensorlab: Laser koto 2 (01.29)
  3. Heyermears, lecturing, 2 CD players, 2 video players: Rozart mix (06.18)
  4. Jon Rose, violin; Veryan Weston, harpsichord, piano: Temperament (07.29)
  5. Franz Hautzinger, quarter-tone trumpet: Gomberg (04.11)
  6. Marián Varga, piano: Solo keyboards (05.44)
  7. Palinckx [Jacques Palinckx, guitar, toys, objects; Han Buhrs III, voice; Bert Palinckx, double bass; Alan Purves, drums; DJ DoNotAsk, turntables]: Trottinette (05.26)
  8. Erhard Hirt, semi-preparted guitar, live electronics, little sticks: Sticks piece (04.59)
  9. Petr Hrbác, synthesizer, computer: Caraway little boy (04.23)
  10. Amy Knoles, digital MIDI marimba, live electronics, voice: It's hot in here/Men in the cities (10.24)
  11. Kim Cascone, live processing electronics, laptop: Tropes & sequences (06.16)
  12. thEoRy Of Shake[David Šubik, interactive electronics; DJ Fero, vinyl palimpests; Julo Fujak, semi-prepared piano, bass guitar, sampler, typewriter, whispering]: Hy-ph-ol-op-ho-ny (04.45)
Tracks 1-11 recorded live in Old (Puppet) Theatre, Nitra, Slovakia at the continuing concert series under the title Hermovo Ucho v Nitra [Herme's Ear in Nitra] on the following dates: 11 December 1999 (1, 2); 20 January 2000 (3); 10 December 2000 (4); 25 April 2001 (5); 23 May 2001 (6); 3 October 2001 (7); 23 November 2001 (8); 12 December 2001 (9); 27 November 2003 (10); 27 April 2004 (11). Track 12, noted as Appendix II taken from the CD Sound off 2002 - Typewriting aloud, Typoxxs allowed, Hermes Discorbie, 2002.

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