Morgue 03/04 New sights, old sounds/Solo live

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, solo acoustic and electric guitar.

Morgue 03:

New sights, old sounds (18.52), Thou shalt not bear false witness (09.16), This is the age of oddities let loose (03.09), Nothing so difficult as a beggining (04.50), Here was no lack of innocent diversion (02.54), A wanderer from the British world of fashion (03.14).

Recorded on 5 May 1978 at Betty Studio, Tokyo, Japan; all titles are from Byron's Don Juan.

Morgue 04:

Live in Nagoya; recorded 21 April 1978 at Meien-Kaikan, Nagoya, Japan.

Live in Kalavinka; recorded 3 May 1978 at Kalavinka, Machida, Japan.

Released as a double album in spite of separate numbering of individual discs.

Front cover photograph [DB looking out window of 14 Downs Road] (reproduced above) by Toshio Kuwabara.

'I don't seem to have a sleeve note in me but I would like to use this space to express my gratitude and appreciation for their help and friendship to Kondo, Takagi, Yoshizawa, Toshi, Abe, and Akiko, Michiko, Oshizu, Tomita, Myoga, Toshio, Imai, Nakanishi, Suto, and of course Aquirax Aida. Arigato, D.B.'

Re-issued in 2002 on CD as Incus CD48/49.

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