Musicworks 58 Sound on stage part 1

Various musicians

René Lussier: The Music Work's Suite: 1 Hommage à Adolf Dax (01.52) René Lussier, daxophones; 2 L'encerclement de Mozote & Le crime de L'Atlacatl & Le résultat de opérations (04.27) René Lussier, daxophones and electric guitar; 3 Chercher l'erreur... (04.23) René Lussier, daxophones, 6 string bass, percussion; André Moisan, clarinets; Mathieu Bélanger, bass clarinet; Shannon Peet, bassoon; Pierre Tanguay, ghost brooms.

David Rothenberg, clarinet, Yamaha WX7 wind controller, TX81z and TG77: The time-being (03.46), Mountains and waters (04.28).

David Rothenberg, Norwegian selje flute and TG77 synthesizer-sampler: Xarxa (02.14).

Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice; Carlos Zingaro, violin: Au bord de l'eau (04.03), Histoire d'Igor (06.40), La grande brune (06.13), Ouverture (03.52). Recorded on 7 May 1993 at Théâtre La Chapelle, Montreal.

Nic Gotham & Ann-Marie MacDonald: Nigredo Hotel (29.51).

CD available as part of Musicworks 58.

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