Nondo DPLP 002 Derek Bailey/One Music Ensemble

Derek Bailey/One Music Ensemble

Side one: Derek Bailey, guitar.

Nellie, Kellie, Bellie, Gellie, Wellie, Tellie [no track markings].

Recorded on 3 April 1973 at Wolverhampton Polytechnic (according to Derek Bailey, recorded from outside the concert room).

Side two: One Music Ensemble (Dave Panton): alto saxophone, piano, etc.

So '74, Root, Sole, Home, A little sanity/Codabye.

Record sleeve individually produced by Dave Panton: hand drawings and coloured fills done on stiff red paper folded and glued to produce sleeve; track listings on white rectangles stuck to back of sleeve; released 1976.

Also released as reel-to-reel tape (tape actually released prior to LP).

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