Plainisphare PL 1267-92/1994 Sincerely

Joëlle Léandre

Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice.

Pommardons-nous (05.29), Méditation (08.09), Hein! quoi, je n'entends plus (06.17), Bassomaniaque (06.45), Sky over Hudson Street (06.37), Let's get Pommard (07.00), To Jimmy (05.02), Biscotte (03.38) Bu côté de Châtillon (06.24).

First six tracks recorded at Colden Center for the Performing Arts, New York City in 1985; tracks 7 to 9 recorded in CH-2046 Fontaines, in 1994.

CD graphics (reproduced above) by Claudia Renna.

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