Quartz QTZ 2082 Dzama stories

Ed Bennett

Paul Dunmall, saxophone (tracks 1-6); Decibel [Ed Bennett, director, electronics; Suzanne Purkis, voice; Steve Halfyard, voice (track 7); Ulrich Mertin, viola; Maria Insua Cao, bass clarinet, clarinet; Neil McGovern, baritone and alto saxophone; Simon Hall, bass trombone; Gordon Dunn, electric guitar; Sebastiano Dessanay, double bass, bass guitar; Fumiko Miyachi, piano; Damien Harron, percussion].
    Dzama stories
  1. Introduction (02.33)
  2. Part I - Vagabonds and blood from the earth (06.39)
  3. Part II - After the flood, before the fire (10.29)
  4. Interlude (01.38)
  5. Part III - You gotta make room for the new ones (15.10)
  6. Part IV - Fades away (09.11)
  7. I need this (14.03)
Tracks 1-6 recorded August 2009 at Birmingham Conservatoire; track 7 recorded at North Down College, May 2001.

Cover image (reproduced above) by Ed Bennett from anonymous grafitti image, Budapest.

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