Suit DVD

Matt Brownsword/Steve Beresford/Dave Stephens

"Suit is about an artist, a filmmaker and a musician. It is also a film about a suit.

Conceptually the film began with the purchase of a suit from a shop in Brighton and how sculptor Dave Stephens responded to the suit. Filmmaker Matt Brownsword filmed the experience over two days. During that time the suit was worn by a variety of people. Trips were taken, it was sewn up, filled with sand, struggled with, fought with, tied up, covered, attached to other objects, introduced to other suits and emptied out. Drawings were made of it and photos were taken. The film footage was chopped, rearranged, edited and reformed into a series of loops. Steve Beresford then produced a metamorphic set of sound loops to complement the visuals.

The film is looped so that the experience is continuous and endless."

The DVD has been produced in a limited edition of 500 and more information can be found at

Graphic (front of DVD reproduced above) by Dave Stephens.

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