TAK01 The bald soprano companion

Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill, soprano saxophones, sopranino saxophone, voice, tape, etc.

Solo Borgani curved soprano saxophone, Voice and tape treatment [live performance with lo-fi amplifier], Solo Borgani curved soprano saxophone, Same instrument: romantic music in two sections for sequences in Paul Spencer film, Same instrument and session but not used in film, Soundtrack music for private video film [intentionally over-plaintive and sentimental in places to contrast with screen action; Couesnon straight silver sopranino saxophone [Club Bowye, Japan 1983], Solo Selmer Mk 6 soprano saxophone England 1980, Solo Selmer Mk 6 soprano saxophone England, Solo Borgani curved soprano saxophone: near-Ska [music for Paul Spencer film, 1989], As previous: tango, Music for 'Forkbeard Fantasy' film, Stock material same as previous, Theatre performance tape treatment: birds traffic harmonium voice, Solo Selmer Mk 6 soprano saxophone, England.

'The music on this cassette has been chosen specifically in relation to Jeff Nuttall's book The bald soprano. I know that certain of Jeff's admirers will acquire copies without knowing anything about my work. There will be others for whom some areas of my musical output are familiar and interesting. However, few will have heard the full range of my solo work, which includes situational or mood-related pieces for theatre, film and dance, though I would not normally release them for any other purpose.

The tango, near-Ska, romantic-jazz and voice tracks show something of my work in relation to the book, whilst in certain of the freely improvised sections there are references to other musical areas within which I sometimes play in the company of other musicians.'

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