Coyote Records YOTE 004 Bersudsky's machines

Brian Irvine

The Brian Irvine Ensemble [Paul Dunmall, tenor and soprano saxophones; Beverley Whyte, flutes; Richard Mawhinney, reeds; Lewis Smith, reeds; Kevin Lawless, reeds; Alisdair Wallace, trumpet; Ian Simpson, trombone; Aidan Hughes, trombone; John Fitzpatrick, violin; Scot Heron, cello; Michael Keeney, keyboards, samplers; Bill Campbell, electric guitar; Phil Smith, electric fretless bass; Andrew Lavery, drums, percussion; Brian Irvine, conductor].

  1. Machine intro - Bersudsky two (13.49)
  2. Bersudsky six (Hacking at the ice) (13.49)
  3. Machine intro - Bersudsky five (Dancing with Alo) (13.49)
  4. Machine intro - Bersudsky one (13.49)
  5. Machine intro - Bersudsky three (13.49)
  6. Machine intro - Bersudsky four (13.49)
Recorded on 8 June 1999 at Green Dolphin Studios, Belfast.

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