Vintage Electronic Records Ver 1 Stromatolites


Adam Bohman, prepared violin with objects; Michael Prime, water machine, shortwave radio, live electronics, biofeedback from plant life; Ron Briefel, vocals and signal processing (track 3); Roger Sutherland, percussion/amplified strings.

  1. Stromatolites 1 (24.28)
  2. Stromatolites 2 (19.51)
  3. Dark abyss (25.09)
Track 3 recorded live at the Huntingdon Arms on 5 March 1998; other tracks earlier, but no date provided.

"Stromatolites 1 & 2 are lamination pieces which were mixed in the studio by superimposing tracks of separately recorded instrumental material. Some of the constituent tracks were recorded in different locations. There is no synchronisation of the layers. Each work exists in several different versions, in which individual tracks are prominent to greater or lesser degrees. In Stromatolites 1 Sutherland is heard on two tracks (gongs and springs respectively), Bohman on one track (prepared violin with added effects) and Prime on three tracks (one of water sounds and two of radio noises). We regard our lamination pieces as open-ended constructions to which further material may be added until optimum density has been achieved...." Sleeve notes by Roger Sutherland.

Cover (reproduced above) by Roger Sutherland.

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