Victo cd041 Mouthful of ecstasy

Phil Minton Quartet

John Butcher, tenor and soprano saxophones, voice; Roger Turner, drums, percussion, voice; Phil Minton, voice; Veryan Weston, piano, voice.

Winkiland (04.25), Riverrun (04.35), Bump! (01.43), Seeker of the nest (02.03), Back-to-bunk Tom (05.20), My diaper has more life to it! (03.24), Anna Livia (03.42), Mouthful of ecstasy (05.03), Park bogey (03.29), Guns (02.18), John's song ( 02.10), Spermin spunk about (01.34), Mikealls or Nicholists (01.41), What remains (03.49), Sandhyas! (03.17), Finn, again! (01.24).

Recorded at Gateway Studios, London on 4 January 1996.

Graphics by François Bienvenue.

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