Victo cd048 Music from the land of milk and honey

Annemarie Roelofs' Waste Watchers

Annemarie Roelofs', trombone, violin, ear trumpet; Johannes Krämer, electric guitar, electronics, tapes; Dirk Marwedel, alto and sopranino saxophones, toys.

  1. Nervous escape; trouble in the onion fields; chasing the pigs; Hey, Mr Mangelmann; faster than the bus; a black night in the dark wood; a narrow escape (19.50)
  2. The rite of the Land of Milk and Honey; good grief, what a party!; the end of the party; living in the lap of luxury; the Duchess of Lora meets the Duke of Lorus (19.00)
  3. Out of the egg; No Mr Mangelmann!!; fly high in the sky like Lady Di; the Darwin Warriors sharpening BC Weapons (claws, teeth, sting, poison); the death of a chain saw (17.54)
Recorded live at the 13th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville on 17 May 1996.

Painting (front cover reproduced above) by Nikolaus Heidelbach.

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