Victo cd063 accomplices

Paul Dutton/John Oswald/Michael Snow

Paul Dutton, voice, harmonica; John Oswald, alto saxophone; Michael Snow, piano, synthesizer.

  1. Rubber checks (04.39); premiere break and enter (00.26)
  2. C'est "This is" (23.54); second break and enter (01.00)
  3. Curved ramp (08.29); third break and enter (00.13)
  4. Simply someplace else (19.56); fourth break and enter (phase doubt) (00.40)
  5. Felon y va (12.57)
Tracks 1.2 and 5 recorded live by Radio Canada for transmission on 11 April 1997; track 2 recorded Victoriaville on 16 May 1997; track 3 recorded live at Music Gallery of Toronto on 18 June 1996; track 4 was recorded live at Downtown at the duMaurier Jazz Festival of Toronto on 26 June 1996. 'Breaks and enters' were assembled by John Oswald.

Graphics (front cover reproduced above) and photograph by François Bienvenue, John Oswald.

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