Victo CD 09 Dix improvisations Victoriaville 1989

Various musicians

LaDonna Smith, viola, voice; Davey Williams, electric guitar: Taxi round the brim of a hat (02.05), Phosphorescent camouflage (04.04), Nightbird shadow blue (05.54).

Hans Reichel, guitars: Northern monologue, green version (08.20), Northern monologue, blue version (03.20).

Paul Plimley, piano; Lisle Ellis, bass: The first and last feeling (11.04).

New winds [J.D. Parran, clarinet; Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone; Robert Dick, flute]: Power lines (05.05).

J.D. Parran, soprano saxophone; Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone: Mookie (04.54).

Ned Rothenberg, alto saxophone: Crunchtime (07.08).

Maggie Nicols, voice; Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, alto saxophone, sopranino saxophone; Irène Schweizer, piano: Nicosch (15.34).

Recorded 6-9 October 1989 at the 7th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville.

Front cover reproduced above; graphics by François Bienvenue; Design Dorothée à l'atelier - Mars 86 by Francine Simonin.

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