Blueprint BP339CD QED

Elton Dean

Elton Dean, Fender Rhodes piano, straight alto saxophone, in various combinations indicated below with: Alex Maguire, Hammond organ, piano; Paul Dunmall, tenor saxophone; Simon Picard, tenor saxophone; Jason Yarde, alto saxophone; Jim Dvorak, trumpet, pocket trumpet; Nick Evans, trombone; Roberto Bellatalla, bass; Paul Rogers, bass; Tony Bianco, drums; Marks Sanders, drums.
  1. Hammond X [ED/AM/TB] (14.32)
  2. Quartered [ED/AM/RB/MS] (11.20)
  3. [ED/PD/SP/JY] (03.12)
  4. Altored strait [ED/AM/RB/MS] (07.22)
  5. Sheepdogs [ED/PR] (05.18)
  6. Deep crease [ED/JD/NE/PR/MS] (20.32)
  7. New roads [ED/AM/TB] (08.53)
Tracks 1, 2, 4, 7 were recorded on 20 January 2000 at Eddie Mander's Studio, Stoke Newington; other tracks recorded on 17/18/21 January 2000 at the Red Rose Club.

Cover artwork (reproduced above) by John Gardiner, detail from painting Abstract flight.

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