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Ovary Lodge

Keith Tippett, piano, zither; Roy Babbington, bass; Frank Perry, percussion, piano interior.

  1. First born (08.01)
  2. Mountain temple in spring part 1: amethyst, gold and royal blue (my way of saying thank you) (08.22)
  3. A frail white butterfly, beneath the spell of moon is sleeping on the huge bronze bell (03.58)
  4. Tropic of Capricorn (05.41)
  5. Come on in (03.29)
  6. Nursery rhyme (01.49)
  7. Sylphs in Pisces (08.49)
No recording details; released 1973.

An out-take from this session was released by Frank Perry on FMRCD78-0301.

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