What Disc What7CD The Bristol concert

Mujician and The Georgian Ensemble

Keith Tippett, piano, conductor; Paul Dunmall, soprano and tenor saxophones; Paul Rogers, bass; Tony Levin, drums; Julie Tippetts, voice; Georgian Ensemble: Enver Khmirev, trumpet; Dmitri Saladze, trumpet; Vakhtang Sirbiladze, trumpet; George Beridze, alto saxophone; George Bagdasarov, alto saxophone; Chabuki Amiranashvili, tenor saxophone; Roman Pogoev, trombone; Grigol Meladze, trombone; David Masteranov, guitar; Maya Meladze, voice; Manana Tsitladze, voice.

  1. Brass wind bells (07.47)
  2. Thoughts to Geoff (07.44)
  3. (a) Dedicated to Mingus; (b) Tortworth Oak (19.46)
  4. A loose kite (08.05)
  5. Slowly the sunrise (06.50)
  6. Cider dance (11.42)
  7. The Irish girl's tear (04.11)
  8. Septober energy (06.28)
Recorded at St George's Brandon Hill, Bristol on 1 June 1991.

Woodcuts (cover reproduced above) by Paul Dunmall; layout by Paul Younghusband.

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